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Advisory Service for Business

As your business consultant, M Macro will constantly improve and innovate workflow management systems to benefit your business. Our experienced consultants will bring in their expertise to analyse any issue you face in your business – ranging from topics on strategy to operations – derive insights and recommend solutions.

Reach out to us anytime you need assistance or see room for improvement. We want to be your trusted partner at every step of the way.

The company registration process can be a hassle especially if you are a new entrepreneur. Yet, it is the fundamental step to company formation. With our consultants’ expertise and hands-on business experience, we provide the most up-to-date information on government policies and regulations, which will help simplify and expedite this process for you.

While building a deep talent pool is crucial for most businesses, the process can be laborious given the limited HR resources. With our strong network and industry knowledge, we can reach out to talents and professionals in diverse fields and help take care of laborious administrative work such as work permits applications.

Obtaining a Singapore permanent residence is key to integrating into the country. Key benefits are: reside in, enter, and leave Singapore without the need for separate visas, change jobs freely without the need for new work permits, obtain financial incentives for housing and healthcare under the Central Provident Fund scheme, gain higher priority for loans, and be eligible to apply for Singapore citizenship after being a permanent resident for several years. Based on your specific situation, our consultants will develop insights, share recommendations, and tailor a plan to materialise this as a reality for you.

The Global Investor Programme (GIP) is the only fast track to obtain citizenship in Singapore. Targeted at high-net-worth global investors who wish to boost business and investment growth here, the investment programme allows them to obtain citizenship after 2 years of securing a GIP visa. For those interested to apply for this programme, reach out to us – we have the expertise and information on eligibility criteria, investment options criterion, the application process and more.

Funding is paramount to helping your business expand and reach greater heights. With a combined experience of more than 10 years in the financial industry, we bring personalised and insights-driven solutions to help your business grow. We will help your business attain the required banking facilities and loans, with our strong knowledge, and far-reaching network of Financial Institutions, Angel Investors and Private Equity Firms.

All in One

Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Operating a new business is an expansive process – planning workspace and facilities, kickstarting recruitment, tackling finance and accounting, and that’s not all.

What if you had a one-stop solution to tackle all these elements? That’s where we come in with our expertise, knowledge, and rich resources. With our business admin capabilities, facilities and office space, offload the trivialities to us so you can focus more on the nitty-gritty – think strategy development, strategic deployment, catapulting your business, and achieving business goals.



With our trusted industry partners, talent recruitment will be a breeze. Our professional headhunters and talent scouts will screen and interview potential candidates, before sharing a final list of candidates who meet the mark.

Training and development are important even for your administrative staff – a good secretary can relax your workload, increase your efficiency, and ultimately help your company perform better. Our experienced consultants will provide the required training to upskill your staff, and increase their day-to-day productivity.

Our in-house accountants will help you take care of all things accounting and auditing – this includes budgeting, tax affairs, auditing, internal controls, updating of SOPs, and financial and management reports.


Serviced Office

Located on Inggu Road, our office is in the precinct of cafes and restaurants, and a tree-shaded park with a beach and picnic shelters, and also a 25-minute drive to the bustling Changi Airport. With a modern and human-centric interior design, our office space makes an ideal and pleasant place for working, meetings, and socialising.

Best at what they do, our receptionist service will offer hospitality to your guests and clients, and make the required arrangements for any meetings you wish to host in our office.

Our in-house receptionist will always be on stand-by to pick up any parcels or documents delivered to you.

To better integrate your business needs into our office environment, we are able to provision dedicated phone lines which can be diverted to any phone numbers or out-of-office functions, as well as fax lines linked to the fax machine or our all-in-one printer.

Well-furnished with comfortable seats, a large high-resolution monitor, a high-quality sound system, and technology infrastructure, our meeting rooms will enable a seamless and pleasant meeting experience for you.

In addition to our physical infrastructure, our professional developers can also enhance your digital presence by building a responsive website dedicated to your business, and creating domain email accounts to help lay a strong online marketing foundation. We will strengthen your business’ online presence for you to better reach out to prospects in today’s digital era.


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